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About us

Cities around the world are evolving and, as a result, urban mobility has become an ecosystem of connected modes of transportation.

Moving around in cities, we travel in different ways, including walking, biking, riding public transit, and using cars. With the rise of new technologies and the on-demand economy, providing us access to whatever we want, whenever we want, transportation is no longer just a question of options, but of convenience and ease of use.

With transportation on the edge of disruption, Daimler, the company that invented the automobile in 1886 and owns Mercedes-Benz, founded moovel to reinvent the concept of urban mobility. At moovel, we aim to discover how new technologies will affect the way we move tomorrow and connect the ever-changing state of urban transportation.

moovel offers new ways to connect the urban mobility ecosystem with our three complementary products: moovel app, moovel transit and moovel On-Demand.

Our Products

moovel app

Search, book and pay for rides with a single app. moovel is the first app where you can simply book and pay for car2go, mytaxi and Deutsche Bahn in a single experience. The moovel mobility app is available throughout Germany, public transportation mobile payments are available in Stuttgart and Hamburg.

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moovel Transit screen for white label solutions

moovel transit

Pay for and access public transit with cutting edge mobile ticketing capabilities: the moovel transit platform offers a suite of white-labeled mobile ticketing and payment solutions for the most innovative public transit authorities worldwide.

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on demand shuttle screen for commuting in the city

moovel on-demand

Smart routing and pooling to extend local transportation networks: the software platform helps public transportation operators to be more flexible and can be seamlessly integrated into their existing services.

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Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)

An in-depth look with Juniper Research on how MaaS will shape smart cities and re-define urban mobility

MaaS will drastically save time and costs for citizens, transit agencies, and businesses worldwide.
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Hauptstätter Straße 149
70178 Stuttgart


Kurze Mühren 1
20095 Hamburg


moovel Group GmbH
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209 NW 4th Ave
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