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Simplifying urban mobility

Why we do what we do

Mission & Vision

Our vision is a planet without traffic jams

Imagine your daily commute, now replace the traffic, frustration and delays with peace of mind, order and relaxation. The modes of transport - trains, cars, bicycles and even autonomous buses are all on time and working in unison like the inner workings of a fine clock. Fully confident that you will reach your destination on time and without complication, you can breathe easy and appreciate the park you often overlooked or enjoy the songs of the birds chirping. This is the commute of the future and it's already under construction. moovel is an urban mobility company, making cities smarter.

Our mission is to help transform cities by providing sustainable mobility solutions

A planet without traffic jams may seem far-fetched to some, but we are taking steps every day to bring our vision to life. To this end, moovel acts as a partner to cities, transit authorities, and its customers to help them transform cities by providing convenient and sustainable mobility solutions. Together with strong partners we can improve not only transportation standards, but quality of life, in cities worldwide.