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Beat The Traffic X: the moovel lab promotes discourse on urban mobility with online game

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Beat The Traffic X: the moovel lab promotes discourse on urban mobility with online game

  • Online game places emphasis on traffic flows
  • moovel lab project encourages social discourse on the future of our cities
  • Instructions enable people to produce their own open data cams

Stuttgart, April 10, 2018. The moovel lab, a research arm of the moovel Group, a mobility subsidiary of Daimler, today presents its new Beat The Traffic X project, an online game that allows players to playfully transform vehicles into other elements. The game is based on traffic data from 11 international cities that has been obtained using a so-called open data camera. With Beat The Traffic X, the moovel lab wants to invite discussion on the issue of quality of life in cities.

At beatthetraffic.moovellab.com players can interact with congested roads and traffic situations in 11 international cities - from Los Angeles to Berlin, Moscow, New Delhi, and Tokyo. The player's task is to click on the vehicles and transform them into alternative elements such as unicorns, rainbows, and trees, and in doing so achieve a high points total. At the end of the game, the number of buses that would have been required to transport the number of people seated in the vehicles that they transformed is displayed.

The game is based on traffic videos recorded with the help of an open data camera. The data collected in this way can support cities in quantitatively measuring traffic volumes and enable them to analyze traffic flows and take steps to optimize traffic. Open data, i.e. freely accessible information, can contribute to developing existing urban centers into smart cities and facilitating the utilization of networking benefits. At opendatacam.moovellab.com, moovel lab also provides instructions for anyone who wants to build their own open data cam.

With Beat The Traffic X, the moovel lab addresses the social discourse on the issue of what makes cities livable. What should cities of the future look like, how much room should be allocated to motorized traffic, and how great is the level of willingness to switch to public transportation?

In order to meet the growing need for urban mobility, the moovel Group is working on solutions that simplify the use of public transportation. This includes the quick and easy purchasing of tickets as well as the combination of various mobility options in a single app. The moovel Group is also working on new forms of mobility: since December 2017, for example, moovel has been testing an on-demand ridesharing service in Stuttgart called Flex Pilot, which is to be added to the public transportation network as an additional service in the first half of 2018 by Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG (SSB).

About the moovel lab

The moovel lab is an interdisciplinary four-person team, which uses innovative projects to look at questions relating to the future of mobility and human behavior in urban areas. The moovel lab is part of the moovel Group, which has 250 employees based in Stuttgart, Berlin, and Hamburg as well as in Portland, USA.

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moovel Group GmbH
moovel Group GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Daimler AG, has set itself the goal of simplifying mobility in cities. It is working on an operating system for urban mobility that provides access to suitable mobility options, paving the way for the future with autonomous vehicles. moovel acts as a partner to cities, transit authorities, and customers. On the German market, moovel has already launched the moovel app. The moovel mobility app combines public transportation, the car sharing providers car2go and mytaxi, rental bicycles, and Deutsche Bahn, Germany's national rail system. Most services can be booked and paid for easily and directly via the moovel app. With its moovel transit product portfolio, the moovel Group offers white-label solutions for transit authorities and agencies around the world. moovel North America, with moovel transit, is the market leader in mobile-ticketing solutions for transit authorities in the US. moovel Flex Pilot is the moovel Group's on-demand ridesharing service that has been tested on selected days in Stuttgart since December 2017.

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