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Particulate matter alert in Stuttgart: tickets at half price from moovel

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Particulate matter alarms: moovel to grant half-price travel on public transport in the Stuttgart region

  • In the event of a particulate matter alarm, single VVS tickets can be purchased at a 50 percent discount using the moovel app
  • This offer applies to the entire VVS zone and is restricted to two particulate matter alarms for the time being
  • Half-price tickets are only available through the moovel app

Stuttgart. moovel is to help residents of the Stuttgart region to stay mobile during a particulate matter alarm. The moovel app enables half-price travel on buses and trains in the Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund Stuttgart (VVS) tariff zone.

During the first two particulate matter alerts at the beginning of 2016, individual tickets for local public transport can be purchased for 50 percent of the regular ticket price via the moovel app. This 50-percent offer is valid throughout the entire VVS region and is only available via the moovel app.

"The latest generation of the moovel app for Stuttgart demonstrates how the smartphone can help make our mobility in cities easier and more sustainable. We are happy about this opportunity to help the city of Stuttgart find innovative public transport solutions so as to increase everybody's quality of life", says Robert Henrich, CEO of moovel Group GmbH.

Multimodal mobility platforms such as moovel help make public transport in cities more user-friendly and more sustainable. From January 11, 2016, the city of Stuttgart will announce a so-called particulate matter alarm if the atmosphere becomes polluted. The particulate matter alarm will be initiated if the German Weather Service (DWD) forecasts a severe limitation of air exchange in the atmosphere on at least two consecutive days (temperature inversion). On these days, the concentration of air pollutants such as particulate matter and nitrogen monoxide will increase over Stuttgart.
If a particulate matter alarm is called, the ministry for transport and infrastructure, the regional council and the city of Stuttgart request that residents in and around Stuttgart refrain from driving their cars in the Stuttgart Environmental Area and do not use chimney fires.

Search for, book and pay for mobility with a single app

Multimodal mobility platforms such as moovel help make transport in cities more user-friendly and more sustainable: The mobility app from the Daimler subsidiary combines local public transport, the car-sharing providers car2go and Flinkster, mytaxi, rental bicycles and Deutsche Bahn. Using the moovel app, car2go, Flinkster, mytaxi and Deutsche Bahn can be booked and paid for simply and directly throughout Germany. Since November 2015, VVS single and short distance tickets have also been available in Stuttgart – and booking and paying for VVS tickets in the moovel app is very easy: passengers simply need to type in their destination and the app will suggest an appropriate ticket. Even users who are unfamiliar with the pricing system can be right on their way in just a few seconds. Tickets can also be simply added and purchased for additional passengers. The tickets are then provided in the app and can be called up as necessary. The billing between moovel and the SSB takes place in the background without any further login procedure for the customer. The "Stuttgart model" will be introduced in other German cities next year.

Since the beginning of 2015, long-distance journeys with the Deutsche Bahn can be directly booked and paid for. The mobile ticket for the Deutsche Bahn is stored in the app and also sent to the customer by e-mail. moovel was hence one of the first Deutsche Bahn partners to make the ticket available on the smartphone.

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